A drill-anywhere component for Pentaho CDE

BTable is a component for the Pentaho Community Dashboard Designer (CDE) that extends the standard Table Component with OLAP functionalities and provides a new drill experience.

Dashboard users can easily interact with the table through a context menu that allows to:

  • add, change or remove dimensions
  • add, change or remove measures
  • create cross tables
  • display grand totals and subtotals
  • sort by dimensions or measures
  • add additional filters to the table
  • unlink the table from the dashboard context to stop listening to external parameters
  • drill a cell or drill a row/column
  • swap axes
  • export data and also formatting to Excel
  • save the current analysis to a file
  • change styling attributes dynamically
  • use alarms based on CSS
  • use BTable as "Filter Component" inside CDE
  • use the Filter Panel as addon for external application
Dashboard designers can build flexible and rich tables with little effort, indicating a Mondrian schema and a JNDI connection and writing the initial query in a more friendly manner.
Alternatively, even faster and reusable, they can create a table from a saved analysis, indicating the path to a btable file and possibly overriding some properties. All this without writing MDX queries!

BTable plugin provides an Analyzer that allows the user to make its own analysis with BTable without building a dashboard.
In addition, BTable comes with some functions for the dashboard developer with which he can increase the user interaction, for example by allowing the drill from anywhere in the dashboard.

BTable was presented at Pentaho Community Meeting 2013 in Sintra (Portugal).

BTable is released under the MPLv2 license.

Credits: Massimo Bonometto, Luca Pazzaglia


BTable is available on Pentaho Marketplace.

Release files available on SourceForge.

Source code available on GitHub.

Notes about features and installation at Massimo Bonometto's Blog.

For questions, suggestions and bugs reporting use Pentaho Forums.